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Natural Cactus potted plant-I


•A cactus has best adaptations in its roots, leaves in addition to stems that enable it to thrive in desert environments. •The cactus removes pollutants from the interior air, subsidiary improving indoor air quality. •Cactus Plant will co

Ceramic Cactus plant-II


•Cactus can adapt to their natural habitat and change their shape to one that is most appropriate to conserve and  store water. Cactus can be fixed in a pot for indoor. •It is believed that cacti can redirect the negative energy and balance the ho

Green Syngonium Plant-IV


•Syngonium green plant belongs to the family Araceae. This is a perfect house plant. The lower leaves are generally arrowhead-shaped and either entirely green or with some silvery-white patterning. •Syngonium Plant carry fortune, health, wealth, abund

Kalanchu Verigated plant -V


•Kalanchoe Variegated plants have essentially green leaves with an irregular, cleared border. It has thick, smooth leaves that are round, or ovate with an entire leaf margin. Some new growth has a reddish-pink hue in addition to the variegated pattern.•

Syngonium Plant-VII


•Syngoniums are fast-growing weeds. They can be trained to climb on a support and can make lovely outdoor plants in frost-free temperature, or a nursery in colder climates.•It is an evergreen climbing vine that commonly grows 3-6' long. As a houseplant,

Saplera Plants-VIII


•A popular house plant with divided hand-like leaves and fun quality, the Saplera plant can be planted and grown in living, dining, family rooms, and bedrooms.•Many people are exclusively fond of growing it in well-lit rooms because at night the housepl

Variegated kalanchoe plant-IX


•A Kalanchoe will keep budding and flowering as long as you keep provided it with nutrients and water. However, spanning that seven-year lifespan is not the norm. •Flowering Kalanchoë flower for at least eight weeks. That ability gives the plant its s

Variegated Money plant-X


•Money plant is an easy to grow, seasoned indoor plant. It has attractive green or neon green or marble white and green leaf modification. It is a very good air purifier and sterilize the surrounding off toxins. •Featuring beautiful variegations on bri

Aralia dwarf Plant-XI


•Variegated Aralia plant is a small tree-like horn plenty. It is a beautiful luxuriant plant with white and green variegated foliage. It requires indirect sunlight for adapted growth.•Aralia is a plant relevant for indoors and landscaping. The definite

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant)-XIII


•The ZZ plant is easy to grow and care for as a home plant that displays small silky leaves on stems that can grow up to 3 ft long indoors.•It has become popular common in recent years due to its hardness under a wide range of conditions—a highly con

Madhukamini Bonsai plant


•Commonly known as Chinese box or satinwood, Madhukamini is a beautiful ornamental plant with white flowers, glossy leaves & rich fragrance.•Bonsai acts as a natural air purifier in your house and gives you fresh air to breathe. Bonsai has multiple

Money plant-XV


•It is called the money plant commonly because it has round, beefy, flat leaves that might, with a bit of inspiration, look like a coin!•Symbols of wealth & success, money plants, act as a lucky charm by carrying luck to your house!•Place your mon

Moon cactus plant-XVI


•Moon cactus plants are also known as Gymnocalycium mihanovichii or Hibotan cactus. These plants come in sparkling bright colors of hot pink, brilliant orange, and even an almost neon yellow.•The plant helps cleans the air and refine breathing. Carbon

Poinsettia plant-XVII


•Poinsettia is a flowering plant. The whole plant and its sap (latex) are used to compose medicine.•These plants are a magnificent addition to your house since they're able to clean the air and look good while doing it. This leads to cleaner air with mi

Dracaena Red drawf plant-XVIII


•Dracaena Red Dwarf is a low-maintenance and easy-to-grow plant that is totally suitable for learners. •Dracaena is a powerful air cleanser and is reachable as a smaller houseplant and an indoor tree. Dracaena is also used as a garden plant in the trop

Syngonium White Butterfly Plant-XIX


•Syngonium plant is a perfect house plant. The five-lobed shape of Syngonium leaves the five Feng Shui characters water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. •Syngonium 'White Butterfly' is a beautiful houseplant affinity to the arrowhead vine family. This cu

Sansaveria (Snake Plant)-XX


•Sansevieria trifasciata Hahnii is a popular houseplant with dark green leaves pointed with a pattern of curly cross stripes in a lighter color. •Similar to other household succulents, snake plants help to clean indoor air. What's unique about this ind

Light pink Gerbera plant-XXI


•Gerbera is generally known as Transvaal daisy or Bar Berton daisy or African daisy. It is an important economic cut flower crop. •The gerbera daisy is a regular house plant due to its bright and alluring coloring. To grow them indoors, you'll need an e

Gerbera Daisy plant-XXII


•The gerbera daisy is a favorite flower among the masses due to its marked appearing. These flowers are commonly used as decorative cut flowers for bouquets but are also in flower beds. •Gerbera daisies are glossy, colorful flowers that are generally pl

Yellow Money plant-XXIII


•The most probable factors for yellowing money tree leaves are too complete sunlight, a wide range of temperature variation throughout the day, and/or over-watering. •Money plant appeal to positive energy along with luck, wealth, and wealth which makes

Oxycardium Green plant-XXIV


•Oxycardium Green Plant is such plant that not only décor to your home but also cleanses the air. These plants are also low maintenance and require minimum absorption.•Large bright heart-shaped leaves, extensible trailing vines that can be styled and e

Fiddle leaf plant


•Fiddle leaf fig trees are excellent indoor plants since they help you relax and create a natural looking atmosphere in your house.•The fiddle-leaf plant is a popular indoor tree featuring very large, heavily veined, and glossy violin-shaped leaves that

Kalanchoe Red flower plant


•Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, generally called kalanchoe. It has an upward, multi-branched growth habit. Their bloom time is strangely long for a houseplant.•Kalanchoe are night-time oxygenators, meaning they release oxygen at night which could help announc

Oxypodium Plant


•The Oxypodium plant Green can also be called the plant world's original superstar. Large smooth heart-shaped leaves, flexible trailing duds that can be styled as you wish and easy and quick-growing nature make it a must-have.•These plants are popular i